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If you're looking for an experienced loctician in London, look no further...

As anyone with dreadlocks knows, proper loc maintenance can make all the difference. When you choose a loctician, you want to know that you're working with a professional that sources and applies only the best products. With over 18 years of experience in working with natural hair styles, Nattie Dreadz guarantees you this.


From dreadlock starting to interlocking, dreadlock colouring and dreadlock twisting, our passionate stylist will ensure that you leave looking your natural best. We make our own argon pulp, oils and creams in store to ensure the traceability of our products. Our philosophy is simple: the finest of nature mixed with traditional innovation.

Choose Nattie Dreadz for:

•  Dreadlock starting

•  Dreadlock twisting

•  Dreadlock colouring

•  Interlocking

•  Dreadlock repairs

•  Dreadlock styling

•  Dreadlock maintenance

•  Natural products

•  Treatments

•  Natural hairdressing 


For your complete list, contact Nattie Dreadz in Crystal Palace today. We offer mobile appointments throughout London, and further afield for an additional charge.

“I got my neglected dreadlocks fixed up at Nattie Dreadz - left there with amazing, neat, healthy looking dreads.” (nellyj21)

Woman with Interlocking styled dreadlocks